Screwdriver recipe

The screwdriver is the original vodka and orange, so named as the story has it – after an american oil rig worker developed the habit of stirring his drink in screwdriver . presumably, swizzle-sticks are in rather short supply on oil-rigs. as a member of classic cocktail repertoire, it probably only dates from 1950s, which is when vodka made it’s first, tentative appearance on western markets. The rest is history.

Screwdriver cocktail


  • 2 measures of Vodka
  • 4 measures of orange juice


  1. Add the ingredients, Spirit first, to a rock glass or whisky tumbler loaded with Ice cubes
  2. Throw a slice of orange.

Should be made with freshly squeezed rather than commercial juice, the drink tastes more grown-up and appears to pack more of punch, as the juice is naturally thinner than concentrate orange juice from a carton.

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