The objectives of Food and Beverage control

The objectives of a food and beverage control system may be summarised as follows: ● Analysis of income and expenditure : The analysis is solely concerned with the income and expenditure related to food and beverage operations. The revenue analysis is usually by each selling outlet, of such aspects as the volume of food and … Continue reading The objectives of Food and Beverage control

Basics of Brandy

Brandy is a generic term for a spirit distilled from the juice, fruit, and pulp of any kind of fruit. It can be produced anywhere in the world. The name is from the Dutch brandewijn ("burnt wine "), and the creation of brandy was due almost entirely to the Dutch. Dutch demand for supplies of … Continue reading Basics of Brandy

‘Mission’ as a corporate term

In corporate sector, what does the term "mission" actually means? How does it differ from "Goal"? Let's see in this article. Defining the Corporate Mission An organisation exists to accomplish something: to make cars, lend money, provide a night’s lodging, and so on. Its specific purpose of the company to exist. What is our business? … Continue reading ‘Mission’ as a corporate term