The objectives of Food and Beverage control

The objectives of a food and beverage control system may be summarised as follows: ● Analysis of income and expenditure : The analysis is solely concerned with the income and expenditure related to food and beverage operations. The revenue analysis is usually by each selling outlet, of such aspects as the volume of food and … Continue reading The objectives of Food and Beverage control

Bar Terms

Following is a list of terms you might come across in the bar APERITIF A cocktail served before dinner to stimulate the appetite. BLEND To use an electric blender to make a smooth liquid from fruit, juice, coconut cream, or cream. BRUT Dry (when referring to champagne) BUILD To pour the ingredients directly into a … Continue reading Bar Terms

Beef Blood used to be added to Wine!

Wine Contains Many Proteins. To Eliminate them, any unrelated protein is added to Vat or cask. This attaches to the protein and causes them to settle at the bottom. The sediments are cleared and then be transferred to another container. The importance of this procedure is that it eliminates anything that has been added to … Continue reading Beef Blood used to be added to Wine!